The Wee Chippy is open for takeaway 11.30 – 10, seven days a week. 

Offering a 5 star Chip Shop experience, we have a 

Wee Chippy Takeaway Menu 

to enjoy at home or down the beach with an ice-cold beverage.


All our takeaway orders are cooked to order guaranteeing optimum freshness in every meal. 

Furthermore, all our local staff have been trained to a high standard and will be

on hand to ensure your order process is as smooth as possible.


The Wee Chippy aims to offer an authentic “Anster Fish and Chips” experience with a personal touch,

for this reason, we use our own special light, crispy batter and fry in vegetable oil to lock

in the taste which is second to none whether it’s our standard batter or our gluten free.


You’ll be amazed at both!!