Gluten Free


“Gluten Free Menu All Day Every Day”


For several reasons we understand that our customers are choosing dairy and gluten free lifestyles.

In light of this we now offer dairy and gluten free menu 7 days a week.  Our customers are extremely

important to us, and therefore we think it is important that everyone can access our delicious range

of Gluten Free meals.  Our gluten free meals are prepared, stored and fried in a separate cooking

area in dedicated fryers. 


Gluten Free Restaurant Menu



We cook in a separate area and fryer, however due to particles in the air,

we cannot guarantee cross contamination. 


“Ingredients specialists with extensive experience supplying natural batter mixes

and sauce mixes to the food industry, we have a comprehensive range of quality products,

and a bespoke development service.


Specialising in creativity, production and the supply of quality, natural fish and chip batter and sauce

mixes to the food and hospitality sector.

Our Focus is on creating natural, with a growing list of

clean label and allergen-free products.”