About us


Founded in 1999, The Wee Chippy is a family owned business

located in the renowned fishing village of Anstruther nestled in the East Neuk of Fife

on the Scottish East Coast.


Before becoming The Wee Chippy, the jail was a masonic lodge, a bakery,

and finally a local café until it was bought in 1999. 


The building’s history took another turn in 2018 when it suffered a devastating fire. 

The building was rebuilt by local tradesmen, bringing out hidden gems from the building’s past,

providing the area with a historic building which cannot be found like this for miles around.


We reopened in the June of 2019, however whilst closed, we took a long hard look at all aspects of our business.

Although when closed, we were in working daily with the tradesmen trying to get reopen,

we were researching every product in our business.


Were we offering the best produce? Were or boxes sustainably sourced?

Were our working practices what were expected in 2019? The questions were endless!


Bit by bit, the answers came in….some previous suppliers that worked to our ethic were happy to stay with us,

however we also had to find new suppliers as well.


Our staff who all stood by us, started working for home to help share the load of this almighty task,

after all, they too had a vision of where we wanted to be.


On the 20th of June, 2019, the new and improved Wee Chippy opened it’s doors for the first time!


Truthfully we’ve never looked back.   





We are so lucky at The Wee Chippy to have a loyal local customer base throughout the year

with the added bonus of Anstruther bringing countless tourists throughout the year


We are visited by Fish and Chip lovers from all over the world solely on our reputation. 

Central to our restaurant is our dedication to great customer service. 


All our local staff have been trained to a high standard and possess a passion to please. 


We love to hear your feedback so please drop us a line and let us know your thoughts

of your experience at The Wee Chippy.